Transport, Manufacturing and Commercial

In ‘London Deco: Transport, Manufacturing and Commercial’ Gregory Edwards explores three more areas of London’s multitudinous Art Deco architecture, beginning with transport in the UK capital during the mid-war period. Underground and over ground rail transport, land transport and air transport buildings are examined in detail. Next, he looks at manufacturing which includes the fantastic Hoover factory buildings, as well as factories from West London’s ‘Golden Mile’ such as the Pyrene, Curry’s and the Gillette from the late 1920s to the 1930s. Finally, commercial buildings are explored through retailers, department stores, and general commercial premises. Retail shops which attempted to establish a recognisable Art Deco house style feature here. As always this publication is profusely illustrated with the author’s photographs.

London Deco: Transport, Manufacturing and Commercial (Please search Amazon website using this title).

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