Enterprise Building, Durban

Griffons and zig-zags on the Enterprise Building.

We are pleased to have another guest post for this blog from the Durban Art Deco Society. Durban is South Africa’s third largest city and has many Art Deco buildings.

Enterprise Building, Durban
This eight-storey, 1931 apartment building, designed by A A Ritchie McKinley, has a classic Art Deco design. It is located at 47 Samora Machel (Aliwal) Street. The distinctive elevational treatment is in the form of a rich range of stylised geometric animal and abstract figures. Griffons and zig-zag forms at high level with Mayan type heads and a superb eagle form over the entrance. The “fasces” motifs (bundle of rods, often tied, with an axe as an emblem of power, which were carried by lictors, ancient Roman officials, before the superior magistrates) might indicate sympathy with the advent of Mussolini on the part of the architect or client.

Photos and text © Durban Art Deco Society

A mighty bird guarding the building.
The fasces, and another view of the eagle.

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