Berea Court, Durban

The bright façade of Berea Court

We are fortunate to have another guest post from the Durban Art Deco Society. Durban is South Africa’s third largest city and has many fine Art Deco buildings, including this one.

Berea Court

This is a multi-storey 41-apartment building with excellent detailing, designed for the Langton family by Alfred Arthur Ritchie McKinlay around 1930 and located at 399 Berea Road. The stucco finish has good mouldings in authentic Art Deco style. A stylised theme of wings is evident in the design, with geometric string courses. The central balcony at high level is richly decorated with a sunburst pattern and forms a high level focus to Berea Road.

Fluted pilasters rise through the façade to a crenellated parapet with lion features.  The entrance below has an African feel to the surround mouldings. There is a well-designed rear elevation with cantilevered walkways and an amusing range of stained glass windows to the lift shaft, and flat entrances, which have original milk-bottle alcoves. The top floor is open for water tanks and the lift shaft.

The building is used for student accommodation and is well maintained by the owner.

The superb, African styling of the main entrance
An original stained glass window at Berea Court
Streamlined balconies at the back
A detail of the top of Berea Court

Photos and text © Durban Art Deco Society

One thought on “Berea Court, Durban”

  1. How lovely to see this project showcased on Global Art Deco.
    My name is Nathan Francis @francisarchitect) and we proud to be involved in the refurbishment of this beauty. The fact that this building is sort after by students to spend their study years instead of other options is a great compliment to the Art Deco community. The building owner goes out of his way to maintain this block even though it is a student res.


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