Calle Xativa 21, Valencia

A nine-storey mixed-use building

This 1930s apartment and commercial use building is located in the elegant Sant Francesc area of central Valencia on Calle Xativa, across from the Valencia North train station. It folds around a corner lot and has upper divisions, though these are not fully stepped in. There are some excellent Art Deco carved relief panels on the horizontal interstices of the windows. One of these depicts a modern sun god with a gear wheel representing the sun.

The upper part of the edifice
Carved stone relief panels
An exuberant, flowing image of a sun god

Tejidos Marina, Valencia

A tall corner tower in maroon

A ten-storey curving corner building capped on the curve with a lantern, its lower floors are used for commercial purposes with apartments above. The ground floor is taken up by the fabric retailer Tejidos Marina, founded in 1953, some years after this building was constructed. It is located in the centre of Valencia at Avenida del Oeste 27 (originally known as Avenida Barón de Cárcer) at the corner of Calle de Adresadors.

Casual Hoteles, Valencia

A curving corner

This building sits on a corner lot with its main façade on Calle Barcelonina in the San Francisco area of Valencia. Its original name was the Martí Alegre building and it was designed by the architect Javier Goerlich Lleó. A ten-storey edifice, it was constructed from 1934-1941, and curves around the ground floor, and the six above it, then stepping in with those above. It later enjoyed the name of Hotel Londres for many years before becoming part of the Casual Hoteles group.

A close up of the upper façade

Alameda Beers, Valencia

Alameda Beers
A finely detailed exterior

Located at Paseo de la Alameda 15 at the corner of Calle de Don Armando Palacio Valdés, in central Valencia, this curved corner building is a mixture of commercial and residential. The Alameda Beers restaurant occupies the ground floor.

Teatro Rialto, Valencia

Grids of windows on the Teatro Rialto

If you should visit the Spanish seaside town of Valencia you might discover the marvellous Teatro Rialto there. Located in Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall square) in the central city area, it was designed by the architect Cayetano Borso di Carminati and constructed in 1939. Originally a cinema, it was taken over by the Valencian government who converted it into a theatre in the 1980s. It also has a screening hall for the local government’s film library. The Teatro Rialto makes an interesting comparison with the Kaaitheater in Brussels:

The complete façade