Small House, Rio de Janeiro

A petit but pleasing bungalow

This small but enchanting Brazilian house is in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Faced in a grey stone, it features a modest parapet rising from the vertical bands of stone. There are Art Deco motifs carved into the surface of the three central bands that begin at the window lintel. An original metal sunburst screen protects the window.

Sunburst window screen

House, Rio de Janeiro

Note the unique metal gate

Though apparently a monochrome grey, this house in central Rio de Janeiro was originally white and simply needs the grime cleaned off of it. It is a singular creation, with details such as zig-zag glazing up the sides of the windows, and a one of the reliefs set in an octagonal cartouche.

Edifício Itahy, Rio de Janeiro

A spectacular entrance in Copacabana.

If you ever decide to visit Rio de Janeiro you will have to visit Copacabana beach, and maybe you will stay in the area. If this should happen you will inevitably encounter the Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana as it is one of the most important thoroughfares in the area. Check out the building at number 252 which is called Edifício Itahy, constructed in 1932. It was designed by São Paulo born architect Arnaldo Gladosch, and the spectacular entrance watched over by the dark haired mermaid you see here was created in 1935 by Luiz Correia de Araújo.

The mermaid of Itahy.

Igreja de Santa Terezinha, Rio de Janeiro

Façade of Igreja de Santa Terezinha.

Known locally as the ‘Igreja de Santa Terezinha do menino Jesus’, or ‘Church of Saint Teresa of the boy Jesus’, this church was opened in 1935. It was designed by the architects Arquimedes Memória and Francisque Cuchet who blessed it with a stunning modern bell tower. The painter Carlos Oswaldo provided it with stained glassed windows and mosaiacs. It also has a dynamic location being next to a main road that leads from the edge of the Botafogo neighbourhood and into the tunnel to Copacabana. It became a listed heritage building in 1996.

Detail of Igreja de Santa Terezinha.