Small House, Rio de Janeiro

A petit but pleasing bungalow

This small but enchanting Brazilian house is in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Faced in a grey stone, it features a modest parapet rising from the vertical bands of stone. There are Art Deco motifs carved into the surface of the three central bands that begin at the window lintel. An original metal sunburst screen protects the window.

Sunburst window screen

Guia, Algarve

Note the sequence of steps

This row of nicely repainted one storey buildings was originally designed as a unity for what was probably residential purposes. Located on a busy, main road in Guia, a small town not far inland from the coast of Portugal’s Algarve, they form a part of the region’s Art Deco heritage today. There is a felicitous balance of vertical and horizontal elements.

Horizontal bars in pink are the main decorative element

House, Rio de Janeiro

Note the unique metal gate

Though apparently a monochrome grey, this house in central Rio de Janeiro was originally white and simply needs the grime cleaned off of it. It is a singular creation, with details such as zig-zag glazing up the sides of the windows, and a one of the reliefs set in an octagonal cartouche.

Albufeira, Portugal

A simple but effective fa├žade

A modest, Art Deco bungalow in the seaside city of Albufeira, in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. There is a date at the top centre of the building of 8 October, 1953, and below this a series of diagonals making what could be either a zigzag or a pair of mountain peaks. Underneath all of this is a five-pointed star.

Horizontal and vertical elements at the sides

Alvor, Portugal

The doors and windows look like replacements.

The picturesque seaside town of Alvor in southern Portugal has a number of Art Deco buildings. Though modest in scale they are often quite colourful such as this one with its mix of yellows and greens. The parapet’s green, pleated centre stands out.